Federal Prison Consultantancy


Our consultancy services are designed to provide expert guidance and support to inmates and their families every step of the way.
Choose from our tiered pricing options to find the perfect fit for your needs, with transparent pricing and no hidden fees.   Any travel or appearances associated with court dates or meetings requested will be based on a per diem basis (as per GSA website amounts).

Pre-Sentencing Services

$ 4000
One Time
  • Sentencing Preparation for client and family to set expectations and contol the narrative for best potential outcome
  • Personal Narrative assistance
  • Proactive PSI/PSR Assistance and customized additions/edits to PSI to allow it to be useful and work for you during your sentence
  • Character Letter Coordination
  • To RDAP or Not to RDAP advice and discussion
  • Prison Facility Designation Discussion, options and advoicacy how to give yourself the best opportunity for success


$ 4750
One Time
  • Client Pre-Reporting Checklist review through completion
  • Family Pre-Reporting Checklist review through completion
  • Budget, Activity, Facility Work Option and Rules Review and discussion
  • Medical , Diet and Needs Assessment from our Medical Chair
  • Do's and Dont's review and dicsussion
  • Review of Policies that will help you get home sooner (First Step Act, Second Chance Act and upcoming policy being voted on in 2024)
  • Email, Phone, Commisary Budget, Restitution/IFRP Program lessons and discussion, set up and tutorials
  • Assistance in the set up of all accounts needed so loved ones can send funds to your BOP trust account for commisary ect.
  • Mapping out the priority list of actionable items for your first week, first month and first year in prison with realistic expectation and timelines
  • Medical record review and prescription evaluation by our Medical Team

Support While You Are In The BOP (first 12 months)

$ 2400
One Time
  • Unlimited calls per week/unlimited emails with our team
  • Monthly Family check ins by our team
  • Spouse/Parent resource calls/unlimited
  • Assistance with filing grievances or requests (bp-8, bp-9, bp-10's medical requests, furlough requests)
  • Monthly Newsletters with updates on all current Policy and BOP announcements with explanations for the duration of your sentence
  • Credit Monitoring and Active assistance on Credit Repair
  • Halfway House Placement Advocacy
  • Medical Advocacy from our Medical Team

Post Incarceration Support

$ 3500
One Time
  • Halfway House (CCM) placement assistance and coordination
  • Reduction of Supervised Release filings
  • Resume writing and review
  • IADA Detainer Program Search and Submissions
  • Reputation Repair/Supression Services Coordination
  • Credit Monitoring and Active assistance on Credit Repair

Best Value By Far!!!

The Whole Shebang

(named after our favorite chips on prison commisary)
$ 12000
One Time Fee (any travel is on a per diem basis as per GSA website amounts)
  • All Pre-Sentencing Services
  • All Pre-Reporting Services
  • All Services while you are incarcerated
  • All Post-Sentence Services
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